Engine Specifications

A1: General Engine Specifications

Total volume of displacer chamber: Cylinder diameter:

Piston stroke:

Mean engine pressure:

Working gas type:

Total working gas volume:

Dead volume:

Volume ratio:

Operating RPM:

Heater design temperature:

Cooler design temperature: 0.402 m3 (797 ID x 806 length)

228.3 mm

50 — 150 mm (adjustable)

1.0 MPa

Air, nitrogen or helium 0.212 m3 0.072 m3

1.3 (max), 1.01 (min)

2 Hz



Number of fins:

Fin material:

Fin spacing:


Surface area per fin: Water flow rate:

Air flow rate (max): NTU:


Dead volume: Maximum heat transfer:


0.9mm Aluminium 3mm

14.7 mm (OD) 12.2 mm (ID) copper

0.0496 m2

100 ml/s

0.52 m3/s



0.016 m3

11.5 kW

Engine Specifications

Matrix material: Mild steel wool

Matrix mass: 4.0 kg

Lreg: 100 mm

Wreg: 806 mm

TOC o "1-5" h z Porosity: 0.987

Effectiveness: 0.76

NTU: 6.3

Effective surface area: 70m2

Dead volume: 0.04 m3

Engine Specifications

Figure 98: Size and shape of regenerator matrix


Permanent magnet rotor wound stator


3, delta connected

Rated power:

1000 W

Rated Speed:

480 RPM

Rated Voltage:

48 V


220 mm


24 kg

Engine Specifications

Figure 99: 3-phase electric generator used to measure output from engine

A5: Stepper Motor

Type: Lam Technologies M1343061

Peak Torque: 12.1 Nm

Phase Current: 12 A

Rotor Inertia: 0.00025 kg/m2

Phase Resistance: 0.17 fi

Phase Inductance: 0.9 mH

Wiring Configuration: Bipolar-parallel

Frame Size: NEMA 34

Length: 150 mm

Weight: 5.0 kg

Engine Specifications

Figure 100: One of the two stepper motors used to drive the displacer

A6: Stepper Motor Driver


Phase Current:

Power Supply Voltage: Step Resolution Available: Chopper Frequency:

LAM Technologies DS1078 10 A rms 24-90 V dc 200-25,600 Steps/Rev 20 kHz

Engine Specifications


User Input Ports: Feedback inputs: Outputs:

Non-Volatile Memory:

Advanced Micro Systems IBC-400E 4

Limits, home, encoder Step and direction 512 + 2048 bytes

Engine Specifications

Figure 102: AMS stepper motor controller

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