This project forms part of a larger research effort being conducted at the University of Canterbury concentrating on Stirling engines. The research is focused primarily around using low-temperature differential Stirling engines in the field of power generation and considers key factors relating to scalability to large-scale generation and the commercial viability of such engines. Several publications have been created as a result of this research program. Of those publications, the work in this thesis is directly involved with the following:

Lloyd, C. (2008) “Renewable Energy to Power Forward”, Presented at the EEA APEX 08 Southern Summit 2008, Christchurch, 3-4 April.

Gaynor, P., Webb, R., and Lloyd, C. (2008) "Low Temperature Differential Stirling Engine-Based Power Generation", in Proceedings of the 1st IEEE International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies 2008, Singapore,24 -27 November.

Gaynor, P., Webb, R., Lloyd, C., and Bodger, P. (2008) "A Low Temperature Differential Stirling Engine-Based Power Generation Research Programme", in Proceedings of the 2nd IASTED Power and Energy Systems Conference 2008, Botswana, Africa, September 8-10.

Gaynor, P., Webb, R., and Lloyd, C. (2009) "Low Enthalpy Heat Stirling Engine Based Electric Power Generation: A Research Design", Accepted by IEEE International Conference on Clean Electrical Power 2009, Capri, Italy, 9 — 11 June.

Gaynor, P., Webb, R., and Lloyd, C. (2010) "Power Generation using Low Temperature Differential Stirling Engine Technology", Accepted by World Geothermal Congress 2010, Bali, Indonesia, 25 — 29 April.

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