First Law of Thermodynamics

When a system undergoes a thermodynamic cycle, then the net heat supplied to the system from its surroundings is equal to the net work done by the system on its sur­roundings. This is based on the conservation of energy principle and in symbols can be represented as

ЈdQ = ЈdW

A system operating in a cycle and producing a net quantity of work from a supply of heat is called a heat engine

Ql — Q2 = W


Ql = heat supplied Q2 = heat rejected W = net work done

The thermal efficiency of a heat engine is defined as the ratio of net work done in the cycle to the gross heat supplied in the cycle


T = TT 03’1)


Substituting Qi — Q2 = W gives

Q]_Q2=1_Q2 (132)

Qi Qi

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