Instrumentation of the Inlet Manifold

Flow meter turbines can be fitted to measure the rate of airflow through the inlet tract.

Thermocouples can be fitted to the same circuit to measure inducted air temperatures. They also can be fitted to any part of the manifold, internally or externally (surface temperature measurement).

Liquid manometers can be used to measure pressure/depression (negative pressure) levels above and below the throttle butterfly valve.

Pressure transducers can be employed with good results and enable automatic data logging.

Health and safety considerations—Care should be taken when handling the manifold, carburetor, or injectors because modem fuels contain many additives which, when burned, will change their chemical makeup. The full implications of these changes are not yet understood completely, and their effects on humans and the environment also are unknown.

Note that with the continual advances in engine technology and associated electronic control systems, this section deals with only the basic principles of the engine induc­tion system.

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