Instrumentation of the Lubrication System

Within the lubrication system, the information to be obtained is as follows:

• Oil temperature—Sump and gallery. The temperature of the oil is measured using thermocouples.

• Oil pressure—Pump and gallery. The pressure of the oil is measured using gauges, or, if a more accurate measurement is required, the system can be linked by pressure pipes to a transducer.

• Oil flow rates—Pump, across the oil filter, main oil gallery, and feed to the cylinder head. The flow of the oil in the system is measured using flow turbines that are fitted into the system pipe-work. The positioning of the different types of instrumentation normally is as close to the engine as possible. In some cases, the instrumentation must be fitted into the engine systems. To facilitate this, the engine must be partially or wholly stripped, with modifications, drilling, and tapping of components and so forth carried out, and the engine rebuilt to ensure that any devices so fitted are secure and will not affect the engine or its performance in any way.

Health and safety considerations—All oils, used and unused, should be treated as a health risk; therefore, personal protection should be used (e. g., protective gloves, over­alls). In addition, the disposal of oils and waste is an environmental issue and should be conducted in the correct manner. Companies should have a policy statement, usually contained within the quality manual, regarding the safe disposal of waste products from the testing operation, and it is always recommended that the technician follow these.

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