Optical Pressure Chamber

A test bench with pressure chambers permitting optical access is available at IAV GmbH’s Injection-System Development department for optical fuel-spray studies.

This test bench has a high-pressure chamber with operating pressures of 0.5 bar to 100 bar at gas temperatures up to 500°C. The optical access permits the use of transmitted-light methods and has a clear width of 80 mm in diameter. A further low-pressure chamber can be pressurized at a gas pressure of 0.5 bar to 2 bar, with the capability of increasing gas temperature to a maximum of 450°C. An optical access of 100 mm x 100 mm also permits the application of incident and transmitted-light methods.

Delivered from an external supply system, nitrogen is continuously passed through both chambers. In each case, the multi-stage heater is fitted directly to the chamber. As a result, chamber volume is constantly flushed with conditioned nitrogen flowing at a velocity of approx. 8 cm/s.

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