Figure 13: Details of the injector used (nozzle layout, footprint, injector body)

figure 13: details of the injector used (nozzle layout, footprint, injector body)
As pressure ranges up to an injection pressure of at least 350 bar were to be investigated in the course of testing, it was not possible to use any production GDI injector.

This is why a modified production diesel injector was employed. On the one hand, these changes were made to the injector itself, allowing it to open quickly and reliably at lower injection pressures. On the other, a GDI-typical nozzle was constructed and connected to the injector.

The finished nozzle layout is a 6-hole (multi-hole) nozzle layout belonging to a specific combustion process. The injector footprint given at a distance of 30 mm below the nozzle tip is shown in Figure 13 (colors are representing the fuel concentration of each plume.

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