Reverser Implementation

Figure 5.21 illustrates the implementation of a reverser system within the fabricated prototype. The rigid rods are very light tubes to help the system retain its symmetry (i. e., equal mass and external stiffness for all three engines). All three heaters of the system are

Reverser Implementation

(a) Reverser Implementation(b)

Figure 5.20: Simulated piston positions of the three-phase system with reverser. (a) Startup (b) Steady state.

Heated by an electric heater that is wrapped on their outer perimeter. As the expansion space temperature rises, the system exhibits higher quality factor if examined by ring-down test. As soon as the temperature reaches about 100 °C the engine starts. Note that the cold side temperature is about 40 °C. In this condition, the estimated start-up temperature is 94 °C.

Figure 5.22 depicts the recorded acceleration signals of the three phases at small ex­cursions. The extracted fundamental frequency components of the acceleration signals are shown in Figure 5.23. The signals show an oscillation frequency of about 16 Hz and 60° phase delays between the three phases as expected. At large excursions, the pistons oscillate at magnitudes of about 0.7 cm according to Figure 5.24.

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